Our Line Boring, Industrial Paint Sprayer And Sandblasting Services

When you’re running a business, time is your number one asset. Every successful operation hinges on your ability to get the most done as quickly as possible. That’s why properly maintaining your equipment is so easy to put off. Taking time away from working on the task at hand feels like an interruption, but delaying minor repairs can turn into major fixes — costing you extra time (and money) in the long run.

Boyd CAT is the region’s most trusted name in heavy equipment repairs, and we pride ourselves on keeping you and your team on track with everything you need.

Did you know we offer sandblasting, line boring and painting? When you take your machine into our shop for maintenance or repairs, we can also perform these services right on site, so you can take care of everything in one dealership trip.

Knocking more of your maintenance tasks out in a single stop helps get your machines back to the job site much quicker, saving you money and minimizing downtime. Keep reading to learn more about each service and how they can help your business.

Line Boring: Our Line Boring Welding Machine Quickly Fixes Damaged Machine Parts

To keep your job site moving, your machines need to work properly. And to keep them working properly, you need to take diligent care of every intricate detail and part.

What Is Line Boring?

Linkage pin bores connect various components together all over your machine. However, over time they wear down and warp through continued usage. Line boring is when you re-weld them back to their original factory specifications.

Damaged or tarnished pin bores can eventually cause larger problems and costly repairs if you don’t take care of them. Our team offers line boring and welding services so you can resolve these issues before they become major issues.

Above, a pin bore before and after line boring.

Line Boring Machine: In Our Shop And On The Go

You can have this done with our line boring machine either in our repair shops or right at your job site with our Field Service Welders (only available in select locations). The machines are equipped to handle bores from 1.75” – 24” in diameter for a wide selection of components, as well as all makes and models — even if they’re from a competitor.

Machining Components Covered:
• Hydraulic Cylinders
• Loader Frames
• Buckets
• Equalizer Bars
• Main Frame Repairs
• Linkage Pieces
• Z-Bars
• Tilt Links and more.

Above, a service technician using the line boring machine.

Commercial Painting Service: Take Care Of All Your Machines With Our Industrial Paint Sprayer

Maintaining a paint job is incredibly difficult with large machines, but it’s important to maintain a professional appearance for your business.

Above, a freshly painted machine.

Paint Service For Your Whole Fleet

Our industrial paint sprayer can accommodate a wide range of construction components — even large machines like the 988 Wheel Loader, the D9 dozer and small to medium-sized cranes. At approximately 51’ long x 25’ wide x 25’ tall with a 10’ extension, it can fit tanks, trailers, tractors and other equipment.

The machine uses an HVLP spray gun to evenly coat your heavy equipment using your choice of either a medium or high-gloss single-stage industrial paint.

Our Sandblasting Service Clears Out Machine Rust

Sandblasting, also known as abrasive blasting, is an easy and environmentally sustainable way to clean the surface of your machines.

Above, a sandblasting machine. This can help you easily wash away rust.

Why Your Business Should Use A Sandblaster

A sandblaster uses compressed air to shoot sand and remove unwanted materials like dirt and rust. If left untreated, rust will corrode the outer layer of your equipment and ruin its longevity.

Our team will use a sandblaster to help you strip it away and prepare your machines for painting. This helps the paint and primer better stick to metallic surfaces.

Boyd CAT Saves You Time And Money With Our Sandblasting, Painting And Line Boring Services.

Keeping your machines running safely, smoothly and efficiently is your business’s number one priority. The more time you spend going back and forth to the dealership, the more time you spend away from your team, delaying the work.

Boyd CAT helps you handle more of your machine maintenance solutions in one trip, getting you out of the repair shop faster and back to your job site. When uptime increases, your business flourishes. Our long track record of superior heavy machinery maintenance is why we’re one of the most trusted names in the business.

For more information around machine maintenance, check out our latest Tips From Techs and Proactive Equipment Management blogs.

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