Get Your Machines Ready for Winter with Boyd CAT

Winter conditions can be brutal on heavy machinery. Cold temperatures can lead to battery failure, thickening of lubricants and hydraulic fluids, increased wear and tear, and even freezing of components. 

These challenges necessitate a thorough preparation strategy to maintain machinery efficiency and prevent costly breakdowns. Boyd CAT, a leading provider of CAT® equipment and services, offers a range of solutions to ensure your machines are winter-ready.  

This article will guide you through essential maintenance tips and Boyd CAT’s services to keep your equipment running at its best in cold weather. 


Essential Steps for Winterizing Machinery 

Winter conditions can significantly impact the performance and lifespan of heavy machinery. Cold temperatures can lead to a variety of issues, and understanding these challenges is the first step in effective winterization. Winterization is not just about maintaining productivity; it’s about ensuring the safety and longevity of your valuable equipment.  


Battery Care and Maintenance 

Cold weather can reduce battery capacity. Test batteries for charge and replace them if necessary. Clean battery terminals and ensure connections are tight and free from corrosion. 


Fluid Management 

Switch to a lower viscosity oil that flows more easily at lower temperatures. Ensure the cooling system is filled with adequate antifreeze to prevent freezing. Use a hydraulic fluid suited for lower temperatures to maintain optimal flow rates. 


Tire and Track Inspection 

Cold air can reduce tire pressure. Maintain proper inflation according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. For tracked vehicles, adjust the tension to account for colder temperatures, as tracks can contract. 


Fuel System Care 

Use winter-grade diesel to prevent gelling at low temperatures. Regularly check and replace fuel filters to prevent clogging from ice and debris. 


Electrical System Check 

Ensure all lights and indicators are functioning correctly, as visibility is crucial in winter conditions. Check wiring for cracks or damage that could be exacerbated by cold weather. 



Regularly grease all moving parts to reduce friction and prevent seizing. Inspect seals and gaskets for cracks or leaks that could worsen in cold conditions. 


Operator Comfort and Safety 

Ensure the heating system within the cabin is fully operational. Check that windows and mirrors are clear and free from ice and fogging. Equip machinery with emergency kits, including blankets, flashlights and first-aid supplies. 


Insulation and Storage 

Use insulating materials to protect sensitive parts like hydraulics and hoses. When not in use, cover machinery to protect it from snow and ice accumulation. Store machinery indoors if possible to protect it from extreme temperatures and weather conditions. If outdoor storage is necessary, use covers and ensure the machinery is parked on a solid, non-water-retentive surface. 


Rust Protection 

Regularly applying protective coatings and performing thorough post-use cleaning, especially after exposure to salt and moisture, can help prevent rust from accumulating. Frequent inspections for early rust detection and immediate repairs prevent further damage. When rust is detected, address it immediately. Early intervention can prevent the spread of rust and save costs in the long run. 


Equip Your Team for Winter

While making sure your machines are ready for cold weather is essential, it’s also important to prepare your team for the season. 


Require Pre-Start Checks and Warm-Ups 

Before starting machinery, conduct thorough inspections to check for any ice blockage or damage. Allow the engine to warm up gradually to circulate the oil and reduce component strain. 


Training and Awareness 

Ensure operators are trained on emergency procedures and the specific challenges of operating machinery in winter conditions. Promote awareness about the signs of rust and the procedures to follow when it is detected. 


Boyd CAT’s Winter Service Solutions 

Boyd CAT offers a variety of services to help prepare your machines for winter. From preventative maintenance checks to complete system overhauls, our team of experts ensure your equipment is ready for anything. 


Customized Maintenance Plans 

Every machine and situation is unique. Boyd CAT provides tailored maintenance plans to meet the specific needs of your equipment, ensuring optimal performance throughout winter. 


Specialized Winter Services 

Boyd CAT’s technicians are adept at assessing and servicing the electrical systems of your machinery, ensuring reliable start-ups and operations in cold temperatures. Using advanced diagnostic tools, Boyd CAT analyzes and replaces hydraulic fluids, engine oil and coolants, guaranteeing your machinery runs as it should in lower temperatures. 


Using Genuine Cat Parts 

Boyd CAT uses only genuine Cat® parts, ensuring high-quality repairs and replacements that prolong the life and enhance the performance of your machinery. 

Equipped to handle the winterization of entire fleets, we offer bulk servicing options that save time and ensure consistency across all your equipment. Our commitment to excellence, combined with an extensive range of services and genuine Cat parts, makes us your ideal partner for ongoing machinery maintenance and winterization. 


Plan Ahead with Boyd CAT 

Winterizing heavy machinery requires careful planning and execution. By following the proper steps, operators can ensure their machines perform optimally throughout the winter months, safeguarding their investment and maintaining safety standards 


Regular checks and maintenance, along with appropriate storage and handling, will help mitigate the harsh effects of winter on heavy equipment. Remember, prevention is always better than cure, especially when it comes to the rigorous demands of winter on heavy machinery. 


Get Your Machinery Winter-Ready with Boyd CAT 

Preparing your machinery for winter is not just about immediate performance but also about ensuring longevity and reliability. Boyd CAT’s comprehensive services provide peace of mind, knowing your equipment is ready to face extreme tempuratures and weather conditions. 


Don’t wait for the cold to set in. Contact Boyd CAT today to schedule your winter service and ensure your equipment is in top condition. Visit us to learn more and get started. 

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