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The low and declining cost of solar PV and wind energy opens new possibilities for clean, reliable, affordable electric power in hybrid microgrid configurations. Solar panels can be quickly and cost-effectively implemented in remote locations beyond the reach of the utility grid or where the grid is unstable. These are opportune times to investigate the hybrid microgrid concept as an alternative to conventional power generation. Boyd CAT is your Microgrid and Solar Panel expert in Kentucky and Southern Indiana – contact us today or visit one of our 17 convenient locations.



• Reduce your fuel expenses
• Decrease harmful emissions
• Lower your total cost of ownership
• Achieve favorable payback periods

What are Microgrids?

The formal definition of a microgrid is a group of interconnected loads and distributed generation sources within a clearly defined electrical boundary that acts as a single controllable entity. It is also more commonly known as solar panels. Microgrids themselves are not new, as diesel and gas generator sets have been sold for several decades to power remote applications. These systems are continuously becoming more fuel-efficient as engine combustion and generator technologies improve.


The key question is whether solar panels are appropriate to a given site. Analytical tools are available from Boyd CAT that make it relatively easy to check economic feasibility. An initial high-level analysis requires little more than basic information about:

• The load profile of the community or facility to be served
• The site latitude and longitude and the historic solar and wind conditions
• The cost of fuel for the primary power units (generator sets)
• The remaining life of the primary power units (if existing units are to be reconfigured for microgrid duty)
• The cost of capital

The results of this analysis will indicate whether the project should be abandoned or a deeper investigation is warranted. In the latter case, Homer Microgrid Analysis Software can be used to perform a much more rigorous analysis on which to base a final go/no-go decision. The software:

• Simulates one year of system performance
• Uses site-specific solar and wind energy data
• Predicts annual generator set hours of operation and fuel use

The resulting data can be used to develop an operating protocol that enables financial optimization of the system. Contact your local Boyd CAT Power Systems representative at one of our 17 locations throughout Kentucky and southern Indiana today to learn if solar panels are right for you.

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