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Heavy Equipment Safety

Heavy Equipment Safety Precautions Prevent Accidents While heavy equipment delivers extreme power and productivity to a job site, it also necessitates significant responsibility for its safe operation. About 2.6 million work-related accidents or illnesses – more than 5,000 of which were fatal – occurred in the private sector in 2021. While that represents a slight […]

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Owen Electric Sets Natural Gas-Fueled Generator For Distributed Generation Project

In its continued commitment to provide members with safe, reliable and affordable energy, Owen Electric Cooperative has partnered with Harshaw Trane to construct a 2 MW (megawatt) natural gas generation facility. Excavators broke ground in March, preparing the foundation of the new facility set by crane Tuesday morning. The unit consists of a single, enclosed […]

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7 Key Elements for Proactive Equipment Management

An effective maintenance program lengthens machine life, keeps your equipment productive, increases resale value and reduces unscheduled downtime. WHAT SHOULD YOU INCLUDE IN YOUR MAINTENANCE PROGRAM? 1. PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE Complete maintenance and service recommended in your Operation and Maintenance Manual (OMM). 2. SOS FLUID Analysis Analyze oil, coolant and hydraulic fluids for wear indicators. Talk […]

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