ThinkBIG Technician Training Program

ThinkBIG Technician Training Program The ThinkBIG Technician Training Program is a unique two-year associate’s degree program that combines hands-on experience at our Boyd CAT facilities with specialized classes at Illinois Central College in Peoria, IL, alternating between the two every eight weeks. With ongoing mentorship from our experienced technicians throughout the duration of the program, […]

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Heavy Equipment Safety

Heavy Equipment Safety Precautions Prevent Accidents While heavy equipment delivers extreme power and productivity to a job site, it also necessitates significant responsibility for its safe operation. About 2.6 million work-related accidents or illnesses – more than 5,000 of which were fatal – occurred in the private sector in 2021. While that represents a slight […]

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Understanding and Maintaining Your Hydraulic Systems

Understanding and Maintaining Your Hydraulic Systems Hydraulics are the hidden heroes behind the heavy equipment in a variety of industries, including construction, mining, landscaping, and more. Hydraulic systems pump pressurized fluid through hoses or tubes to convert hydraulic energy into mechanical force. These systems are key to almost every type of heavy equipment, like engines, […]

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50 Years of Cat® Reman: An Overview

With more than 50 years of remanufacturing experience, Caterpillar has established itself as a leader in the industry and set an example for others to follow. Caterpillar’s remanufacturing efforts started with a single-series engine in 1973 and has evolved into the Cat Reman Program, which provides customers with access to like-new parts at a fraction […]

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A Deep Dive into Trench Safety

A Deep Dive into Trench Safety Without the proper safety protections, working in a trench or excavation site can be deadly. But companies can prevent accidents, injuries, and fatalities by following safety guidelines and employing the proper protective equipment. Trench safety refers to a series of practices that reduce the chance of worker injuries related […]

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