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Regular monitoring of your heavy equipment’s fuel can be one of those maintenance tasks that is easy to overlook, especially during the busier times of the year. Not performing a routine fuel analysis at timely intervals, however, could limit the performance of your machines, possibly leading to serious mechanical issues and even premature engine failure. By signing up for the S•O•S Services from Boyd CAT, you’ll be transferring the burden of fuel analysis from your shoulders onto ours.

What Is the S•O•S Program?

S•O•S Services is a maintenance and support program available from authorized Cat® equipment dealers such as Boyd CAT . By signing up for S•O•S, you get the benefit of routine fluid sampling and analysis at regularly scheduled intervals.

Our Cat equipment experts will analyze your fuel to look for signs of dirt, water and bacterial contamination in the machine’s diesel fuel supply. The service also includes a comprehensive wear metal and oil additive analysis to detect the presence of engine oil in the fuel system.

Regular Sampling Can Uncover Important Trends

By analyzing your equipment’s fuel on a regular basis, we can develop a data trail that will help us uncover trends. These trends could point to potential problems down the road. This is an extremely valuable preventive maintenance step for detecting small issues before they can turn into major — and expensive — headaches.
Contact Boyd CAT today to learn more about the many benefits that our S•O•S Services program can provide for your Kentucky, Southern Indiana, West Virginia or Southeastern Ohio business.

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