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While a Cat® engine may not have nine lives like its feline namesake, it is capable of providing two or even three lives! By overhauling your Cat machines’ engines with Precious Metals In-Frame Overhaul Kits — available from Boyd CAT — you can improve the performance of your Cat equipment and keep it on the job longer.

By extending the useful life of your machines, you won’t have to replace them as often. This can translate to substantial cost savings for your company.

Our Engine Overhaul Kits Have Everything You Need for a Complete Rebuild

Precious Metals In-Frame Overhaul Kits come with prepackaged Genuine Cat Parts so you can be sure they meet the high Caterpillar® standards for quality and performance. These self-contained kits can also provide a cost-effective alternative to purchasing individual parts and components.

Kits are available under one designated part number for fast ordering. They’re also designed for easy handling to streamline and simplify your rebuilding job, which can minimize equipment downtime.

Four Different Precious Metals In-Frame Overhaul Kits Available

Choose from four different engine overhaul kits to meet your specific job and budget requirements:

  • Bronze: The most economical overhaul package, this kit includes everything you need for a basic, low-cost engine rebuild prior to engine failure. It also includes additional value-added parts and components such as rod bearings and exhaust manifold sleeves.
  • Silver: This kit is comparable in quality and performance to aftermarket products. It is ideal for when using Cat Reman parts is not the preferred option. Each kit contains six pistons, rings, liners, wrist pins and retainers. Additional engine components can also be ordered if needed.
  • Gold: The Gold kit features six Cat Reman cylinder packs that come preassembled with pistons, rods, rings and liners. This labor-saving package can significantly reduce rebuild time, so you’ll be able to get your machine back on the job with minimal delay.
  • Platinum: The most comprehensive engine overhaul kit, the Platinum package is designed for maximizing the second and third life of your cat engine. You’ll get the complete Bronze kit, plus six Cat Reman cylinder packs, six injectors or fuel nozzles, a complete cylinder head, oil pump and water pump.

Choosing the Right Engine Overhaul Kit for Your Equipment

As a full-service Cat equipment dealer in Kentucky and Southern IN, Boyd CAT can provide engine overhaul kits to companies throughout the region, from Louisville and Paducah to Bowling Green and Evansville. We can also offer the expert guidance you need to make the perfect match between kit and machine. Our goal is to help you make the best long-term equipment purchasing decision for your company.

Contact Us to Learn More About Your Engine Overhaul Kit Options in KY and Southern IN

Feel free to contact Boyd CAT Supply or Walker Machinery to learn more about how an engine overhaul kit can improve the performance and prolong the life of your Cat equipment.

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