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Tile Drainage Revolutionized

The Soil-Max® Gold Digger® is unlike any other agricultural drainage plows on the market, producing unparalleled economic and environmental benefits.
Unlike the Gold Digger® , other tile plows on the market aren’t made from T1 steel. T1 steel is strong and thin and thus easier to pull than plows made from thicker types of steel.
Unlike traditional designs, the Gold Digger® has a 3-point hitch that is in float, keeping the tractor completely independent of the plow. This unique design translates into reliable grade control even with less-than-perfect surface conditions.

Get The Maximum Yield With Intellislope®

Are you getting the maximum yield from your fields? Our farm drainage plows pay for themselves with compounding benefits through the years. They improve soil tilth for better root development, lengthen planting windows, and provide better nutrient access for crops by removing excess moisture from the soil profile. The Intellislope functionality is available through the Ag Leader® display and provides tile plow control for easy and effective installation of a field drainage system.

Soil-Max® HD-Cart

Soil-Max® makes managing your tile easy with hydraulic control of the table. Optional wireless remote makes cumbersome wires, or rope brakes a thing of the past. Standard features of high flotation tires, large table, large stinger, heavy built frame, and onboard battery charger makes the chore of stringing tile a breeze.

Soil-Max® Shaper Pro

With nearly and 8′ working with the Shaper pro is able to handle the toughest jobs. A one of a kind designed rotating blade system, the Shaper Pro’s rotating blades switch pitch every three blades and not only bust up soil particles but throw them into the center creating a true one pass operation.

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