Fluid Analysis

One of the most important steps you can take to maintain the performance and prolong the useful life of your heavy equipment is to conduct a regular fluid analysis. By checking the oil, coolant, hydraulic fluid and other vital fluids for dirt, water and other contaminants, you can accurately assess their overall health.

Detecting fluid contamination in the early stages can significantly enhance the machine maintenance process and even help prevent unexpected breakdowns and premature equipment failure.


Taking a good S•O•SSM Sample is the first and most critical step of the S•O•SSM Process. Learn more about how to take a good sample by viewing the provided video.


Complete Fluid Analysis Services Available From Boyd CAT

Boyd CAT can handle the entire fluid analysis process for you. We offer S•O•SSM Fluid Analysis service for Cat® equipment that includes fluid sampling at regular intervals. Expert technicians will analyze these samples to detect contaminants.

By developing a sample history, we will be able to establish data trends so we can easily identify deviations that could indicate signs of weakening or contaminated fluids. We can also make recommendations for corrective action if required. You’ll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your machines’ fluids are doing their job and not posing a threat to long-term equipment health.

Choose From Various Fluid Test Packages

Several fluid test packages are available to meet your specific fluid analysis needs and budget requirements. Options include Basic Fuel Check, Fuel Storage, Fuel Monitoring and Cold Test. Our equipment service experts can help you select the package that makes sense for your business. We can also provide guidance on how to take your own fluid samples and send them to us for analysis.

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Don’t let weak or contaminated fluids negatively impact the performance and shorten the lifespan of your heavy equipment fleet. Contact Boyd CAT today to learn more about the many advantages of timely fluid analysis service.

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