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Precision Planting

Seed is expensive, so it’s important to use surgical precision when you start planting. Precision Planting offers quality delivery systems and state-of-the-art monitoring technology that will ensure the money you spend on seed goes back into your pocket and doesn’t stay in the ground. Increased efficiency will save you time and effort as you lean into the growing season.

Boyd CAT is your exclusive Precision Planting dealer throughout Kentucky, Southern Indiana, West Virginia and Southeastern Ohio. Contact one of our expert sale representatives today to learn more about products offered by Precision Planting.


Every pass across the field needs not just data, but in-depth knowledge of the field and equipment. 20|20 provides a foot-by-foot agronomic view of your field and helps you make better decisions in the moment.

Seed Delivery Systems

BullsEye, WaveVision and SpeedTube from Precision Planting give you longer seed tube life so you can control your spacing and hit your window year after year. With these systems, your crop has the best opportunity to fulfill its full potential and provide a positive ROI.

Liquid Control/Delivery Systems

Support your nutrient management plan with liquid delivery planter attachments. Precision Planting understands that phosphorous does not move in the soil. FurrowJet puts it right where it needs to be to foster plant growth.

Downforce Control Devices

Variabilities in soil density and moisture mean that downforce can’t be the same on every row. Downforce control products by Precision Planting ensure that the row units on your planter are getting just the right downforce necessary to put your seeds in a position to grow.

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