Cat Financial Services: Cat Card Vs. Cat Credits And How They Help With Heavy Equipment Financing

As any successful business owner knows, finding ways to save money and improve your bottom line is everything. Whenever you can put cash back into your business to hire additional people, take on more jobs and improve your operations, it will only make you more profitable. At Boyd CAT, we view your success as our success, so we give you two different ways to help pay for what you need: the Cat Credit Card (Cat Card) and Cat Credits.

Although they sound similar, a Cat Card might work better for one business while relying on Cat Credits might be more beneficial for another. Let’s dive into how each one works and what they do for you.

Cat Card: Use A Line Of Credit From Caterpillar Financial Services To Purchase Machines And Cat Rental Equipment

The Cat Credit Card is the perfect option for businesses with long payment terms that might not always have a large amount of cash on hand. If you’ve agreed to start a job and accept payment after it’s complete, you might need additional capital to get your team started on the project. That’s where the Cat Card comes in.

After you apply for a Cat Card online (just like you would with a commercial business credit card), you can immediately use it to purchase equipment at Cat dealerships in the US, get Cat equipment rentals from The Boyd CAT Rental Store and buy from Cat-authorized dealers. The benefits from these purchases can all be put back into your business.

Cat Card Benefits

Here’s how the Cat Card can help keep your business moving:

Flexible Commercial Financing Options: Cat Card lets you buy equipment, make repairs, purchase Cat parts and protection plans or reserve Boyd CAT rentals all with no annual fee—even if you don’t have the cash to pay for it right away.

Easy, Affordable Payments With Cat Financing Options: Pay off a purchase with low monthly payments that work well for your business. Waiting to pay until you have cash on hand helps you keep the job moving without getting tied up.

Earn Rewards From The Cat Benefits Center: You’ll get 1% Cat Vantage Rewards on qualifying purchases you make with your Cat Card. You can use these points as cash next time you need to pay for parts or repair services at a Cat dealership.

Cat Card Members Get Exclusive Offers: Every Cat Card membership comes with exclusive offers and benefits to help you save even more on parts, services, attachments and machine rebuilds.

It Makes Running Your Business Easier: Because you can use your Cat Card online at, at dealerships, The Boyd CAT Rental Store and authorized partners, you’ll have even more options to save on parts and equipment. Membership also comes with a dedicated service team and you can have multiple people on one account so you can add your partners. Plus, since it’s not a physical card, there’s nothing to keep track of or risk losing.


Cat Credits: Use Cat Credits To Get Parts, Rentals and Service

While a Cat Card membership lets you pay for equipment and service before you have cash on hand like a credit card, Cat Credits give you an immediate credit discount.

You earn them through special promotions, offers or incentives via Boyd CAT, Caterpillar or Cat Financial and can use them for parts, tools, service, rebuilds and reserving rentals. However, unlike the Cat Card, you cannot use them to get new or used machines.

These are great for businesses that have a lot of short-term jobs or don’t need to expand their fleet. Let’s go through the different benefits, how to get them and what they do for your business.

Cat Credits: How To Earn And Use Them For Your Business.

Earn Cat Credits Through Special Offers And Promotions: Rather than signing up for a card membership, you earn Cat Credits for your company by participating in promotional events or claiming offers. They’re emailed to you directly after fulfilling the required steps.

Redeem Cat Credits At A Boyd CAT Location Or Online: You can show the electronic certificate in your email to redeem credits at Boyd CAT directly or select them as your payment method on or Cat Central. All you have to do is enter the certificate number at checkout.

Save Money For Your Business: You can use Cat Credits to get discounts on rentals, service, machine rebuilds and parts. Though as we mentioned earlier, you cannot use them to buy new or used machines like you can with a Cat Card.

Cat Credits Expire, So Use Them Quickly: Because Cat Credits expire, you won’t want to hang onto them for too long and miss out on their benefits. This is most ideal for companies making frequent transactions and machine repairs.

Whether You Use Cat Card Or Cat Credits, Boyd CAT Has What You Need To Keep Your Business Moving In The Right Direction

Whether your business relies on long-term transactions or needs to constantly get new parts or repair machinery, Boyd CAT has your back with superior service, expert technicians and the best genuine CAT parts to help you take your company to the next level. Contact us today to learn more.

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